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No. 1 Cleaning Service Across Delhi NCR which delivers hygienic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for home, offices, shops etc.
At Klynzo, we like to think of ourselves as the dust-busters who fight dirt, germs and grime to save the world. We have a highly skilled, experienced team of professionals who use high-tech equipment with industrial-grade cleaning agents to deep clean and sanitize your home and office.
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We offer deep cleaning and sanitization solutions for your residential and commercial cleaning needs. We also offer customized cleaning solutions and packages to meet your special cleaning needs.

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What looks clean doesn't always is clean. The reality is we are surrounded by germs and bacteria on most of the surfaces which get transferred to our body when we touch these surfaces directly or indirectly. Keeping our surroundings Deep Clean surely reduce such issues and a neat and clean surrounding is always looks beautiful.

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Advanced Equipment

We use advanced cleaning equipment which gives best cleaning results and complete the work in short time as compared to traditional cleaning. In short, quick and hassle free.

Professional Staff

We have a team of experienced and professional cleaners; all are hired after proper verification and documentation. No partners, vendors or third parties. Klynzo provide services by in house staff only.

Best Chemicals

Low quality chemicals may deface your floor, furniture surface, carpet or sofa cloth in long term. Usually these signs appear after some days of cleaning. Here at Klynzo we use best industrial-grade cleaning chemicals & shampoos available in market which are not only permissible by relevant authorities, but also gives very good results.
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